Slimm Stopwatch 2

Slimm Stopwatch is a little stopwatch utility that automatically shrinks to the task bar when you start (or continue) the timer. While in the task bar it continues to show you the elapsed time. When you click the task bar to restore the window, the timer stops.

I use it for timing public talks I deliver. I write the talk in Word and then need to practice it but I found all other stopwatch utilities always managed to be or feel in the way. So I wrote this. Version 1 was written in Visual Basic and had a less streamlined interface though the actual minimising to the task bar upon start and stopping upon restore idea was the same.

This is a pre-release of the utility as I haven’t yet got around to making a nice page for it on my website or deciding how to upload it to

Here is a Flash animation demonstrating what it does. The animation was created using Swish 2. The animation isn’t yet quite finished as it doesn’t have a way of stopping the sound effects but I will get around to doing that soon.

To install:

This release:


  • Utility recoded in C# .NET using just system graphics so it is fully skinnable by WindowsBlinds and visual styles.

This is a pre-release version with no official support facilities but if you do have an idea, comment or bug report feel free to add it as a comment to this post. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Slimm Stopwatch 2

  1. Could I have a copy of the source code for Slimm-Stopwatch 2? One of the doctors at the clinic I work at likes your program very much, but wants a few tweaks, and I’d rather not have to reinvent the wheel–especially given that I haven’t programmed anything for Windows in over a decade! Thanks!

  2. Nice stopwatch. Just what I was looking for: While in the task bar it continues to show you the elapsed time.

    Some requests:
    – I would prefer buttons in stead of a roll down menu.
    – Minor: right clicking in the taskbar gives the possibility to stop, continue and reset
    – Option to disable the tenth seconds
    – Option to disable the tenth seconds and seconds

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