Good Superfi

Had a much nicer experience with Superfi this week than with the repair / replacement of my projector. I was having an issue with 1080p output of the PlayStation 3 with certain content (specifically, Gran Turismo HD Concept 2.0) whereby the picture would go blank for a second or two frequently. The issue doesn’t occur on 720p or 1080i output (as set in the PS3 system menu).

My PS3 is plugged into a receiver and the projector is plugged into that. The problem doesn’t occur when the projector is plugged directly into the PS3 and so the HDMI cable linking the PS3 and receiver was the obvious culprit. I was using a £10 HDMI cable bought off eBay which had functioned perfectly with an upscaling Denon DVD player at 1080p but which I figured was having dramas here. So I purchased a £50 QED HDMI cable from Superfi and explained the situation to them.

However, using this more expensive cable made no difference whatsoever (as it turns out the problem is reported on the web and is generally thought to be a PS3 HDCP quirk). Superfi agreed to take the cable back and refund the price without any hassle at all. Indeed, in this instance, dealing with them has been a distinct pleasure.

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