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After returning my projector to Superfi, Panasonic dragged their heels in collecting the unit (it took them nearly two weeks). Over a week later and Panasonic still haven’t offered any resolution at all. Somewhat fed up, I called Superfi and strongly requested a refund.

To their very great credit, they took this request seriously and immediately put me in touch with the person who could make it happen. The lady dealing with it simply took my name and request and gathered the other information herself from Superfi’s records and the Coventry branch. This was refreshing as it meant I didn’t have to re-explain the entire situation to another person.

A little while later I was called and made an offer. Superfi had told Panasonic that they didn’t want the projector back. Superfi obviously want to keep their sale and so suggested an equivalent Sony projector (the VPL-HS60) and refunding the difference in price. I rejected this offer because I was thinking about moving to an LCD / Plasma television if I got the refund. Superfi asked what product I would like to replace my projector with and I requested the Samsung LE40M87. It was on Amazon for about £1,000 but wasn’t in stock. Superfi said they’d get back to me after contacting their Samsung sales rep.

A short while later I was called with the news that Samsung did not have any stock of the LE40M87 and didn’t think they would be getting any until July! They also couldn’t match Amazon’s price and said that they would normally sell it for £1,500. Looking on the internet, the average price excluding delivery seems to be £1,100 and all the places that advertise it do not seem to have it in stock. The only ‘real’ shop to carry the LE40M87 is Comet and they sell it instore for £1,299.

Then Superfi stepped up to the plate. They said they could get the LE40M87 when it came in and that they would match the price of the projector (£1,200). They also offered to loan me a brand new Samsung LE40R87 (the M87’s predecessor) until the M87 arrived. They also offered to deliver the R87 free-of-charge the following day (they normally levy £25), a Saturday, by the way.

I decided to accept this offer and am absolutely delighted with the loan and delivery of a R87 until the M87 arrives. I may be paying a little over the odds when compared to an internet store but I am getting a terrific loan television until the M87 arrives (the R87 is a fabulous television in its own right, it was brand new and it’s also a 40 incher), I used my projector for about three months (in total spread over the course of about six months) and I feel far happier about resolving potential problems with real people at a local store who know my name.

Isn’t it nice when sellers treat you well, even after they’ve got your money?

Only one hurdle to go now. Superfi have got to provide the LE40M87. I’ll post back in July with, I trust, the good news.

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