Shox PlayStation 2 video game review – 8/10

Shox logo

Should play on PlayStation 3 with no known issues.

★★★★★ ★★★☆☆

Completely thrilling and highly challenging racing game which features a great idea with the Shox zones (timed section of the track that reward you with cash for getting a certain time through them). Perhaps the greatest praise is that you will never ever have a dull or unexciting race in this game. Sad to see no sequel has materialised (as of 2007).

Classified OK 3+ by ELSPA. Content OK 3+.

Game Progress

Game completed, ie, Shox Crown won. All cars unlocked.

More comment

This game has a few outstanding features. The most obvious is the outrageous sense of speed, especially from the bumper camera, and the even higher adrenalin rush just from playing the game. As noted above, you will never ever have a remotely dull, uneventful race. Ever.

You must use every standard car in the game (there are 24) in order to fully complete it. That is, there is a good gameplay reason behind the acquisiton of every car. This is highly unusual in racing games where you generally just stick with a favoured chariot for the bulk of races in any given class.

Winning isn’t everything. There are also the Shox zones to be taken care of as each can be completed at Bronze, Silver and Gold level and completing them all at Gold in a specific car rewards you with a Platinum Shox (used to unlock races in the final Shox head-to-heads). This adds a surprising (if sleight) element of strategy at times as you might sacrifice your position in a race for a clear run through a Shox zone you are having trouble with.

There are no freebies in this game. Every car has to be earned with each attempt costing you money that has to be won in races. This means that races where you probably aren’t going to win are not an automatic restart as it is always worth finishing and earning the money toward gambling for a new car. The one-on-one mini-races to win these cars are distinctly challenging (because they are so short) but the secret to most of them is to get the timing for the start perfect and not hitting the back of the car you are challenging.

Great game.

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