Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Lotus Esprit V8 – Bond theme

Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Lotus Esprit V8 – Bond theme

Lotus Esprit? Got to be a Bond theme.

My first idea was to have a bash at reproducing the classic “For Your Eyes Only” legs artwork on the bonnet. While I got quite far with reproducing the tanned skin tones for the legs, as soon as the car was on track it looked awful. Part of the reason is that the texture mapping used on track looks to be about half the resolution of that used in the car painting screens but most of the reason is my lack of artistic ability.

I still wanted a Bond theme and decided to make it a bit more subtle. A giant 007 logo on the side should do the trick. :) I made the logo in a light colour despite the predominantly white paint job. I really like the way that you only see the 007 logo at certain times in the replays.

After doing the 007 I had another go at decorating the bonnet, this time with iconic the gun barrel. This one proved rather trickier than anticipated and in the end I had to settle for what I could achieve. Hopefully, the overall effect works but it is not a very accurate facsimile at all. To create the thin black lines I used offset overlapping circles of the same size – white over black. The trouble was that the white (invisible) circles were necessarily overlapping areas I didn’t really want them to. I couldn’t find any way around that.

After a while with the car I came back and added a little Bond to the gun-barrel. The reference photograph was a Daniel Craig promo for Casino Royale. While he is certainly crude, you get the idea and that, frankly, is the limited of my artistic ability. I probably over-reached myself by adding the bonnet design and the car would still have looked great with only the subtle 007 logo on the side.

In driving, this turned out to be a surprisingly competitive car which came as a nice surprise. In most other racing games, the Esprit looks brilliant but is slow and difficult to control.

One thought on “Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Lotus Esprit V8 – Bond theme

  1. Casino Royale is the best Bond movie yet made. And this car looks awesome. I’ve myself doesn’t have Live so I can’t upload the pictures to a PC. But I would really want to do that ’cause there are some pics I’ve taken that looks really great ’cause of different reasons (some crashed cars other just good looking pics and/or car). /B13

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