Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Renault Sport Clio – Renault F1 theme

Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Renault Sport Clio – Renault F1 theme

Renault’s ING sponsorship for 2007 has produced a bland car thanks to it’s feeling predominantly white / yellow. I was much more interested in the 2006 model with the highly distinctive gold / dark blue / sky blue.

Remarkably I ran into a major problem with painting the Clio. You can’t paint the centre upright, the upper part of the door! While you probably wouldn’t notice unless someone pointed it, this meant that a dark blue stripe that should be between the gold on the roof and the sky blue of the door is missing. I only ran into this problem after I had nearly finished one side with the car colour set to gold. This meant changing the car colour to sky blue and then re-imagining the decorative construction based upon an entirely different colour. Fortunately I hadn’t produced a terribly complicated pattern but it was still a bit of a shock.

While I’ve tried to maintain the pattern and feel of the Renault F1 2006 car, I don’t feel I managed it. If you looked at it without knowing its inspiration, would you figure it to be a Renault F1 Clio? Anyway, this is a bright, striking car that looks great on track but I am a teensy bit dissatisfied with it and don’t really know why.

I later adjusted the side of the car to its current state. The original had the side pattern as basically square. The revised one has a wavy pattern and is much more interesting. I am much happier with the design now.

2 thoughts on “Forza Motorsport – My Cars – Renault Sport Clio – Renault F1 theme

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