Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 4

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The premier racing franchises on Xbox and PlayStation 2 are pitted against each other. I’ve now played each for about the same length of time (a frankly I-need-to-look-at-my-life six or so weeks).

Discounting pure number crunching (“GT4” has many more cars and tracks) and differences in system capabilities (Forza has extensive online features), this is an attempt to distil the potentially endless comparisons into important bullet points. Or, rather, bullet points that I think are important.

  • Forza was made by programmers, “GT4” by artists.
  • You race your cars in Forza, you drive other people’s cars in “GT4”
  • The racing is better in Forza, the driving is much better in “GT4”.
  • The graphics are forgettably fine in Forza, they are memorably brilliant in “GT4”.
  • Visual car customisation is Forza’s strongest element, in “GT4” it’s the driving experience.
  • Forza is utilitarian, “GT4” is stylish and classy.
  • Forza’s Drivatar is an interesting technical exercise, “GT4” B-Spec is an interesting strategic gameplay element.
  • Forza needs a photo mode because of the wonderful visual car customisation, “GT4” has a photo mode but not as good a reason to use it.
  • Forza has damage and it’s important, “GT4” doesn’t have damage and it’s not.
  • Forza has artificial intelligence opponents, “GT4” has artificial opponents.
  • Forza doesn’t impress people when you demonstrate it, “GT4” does.

If you’re looking for a definitive answer to which is better… Well, they both come out about equal. But “Gran Turismo 4” is better.

2 thoughts on “Forza Motorsport vs Gran Turismo 4

  1. Forza if you prefer a SIMULATOR. GT4 if you like to drive hot cars but can’t afford one in real life. LOL.

    Anyway, Forza is insanely difficult if you turn off all the handicaps. GT4 is for sissies that can’t tolerate losing. I can’t remember the number of times I wanted to hit my Xbox because those m*therf*cking AI cars tried to crash my ride. In GT4, I’m just relaxed trying to make a good run so that I can have a good replay. LOL.

    Anyway, despite GT4 having better car models (Polyphony Digital are modelling gods…), Forza’s realism still draws me in. Forza’s a technically brilliant game and can still hold up well against Forza 2 when the consoles are hooked up to SDTVs. Forza 2 on my HDTV just pwns… Can’t wait for GT5 but I heard they’ll still make it a pseudo-simulator — no car damage and other stuff you’ll find in Forza except for online mode. Having a gazillion cars won’t automatically make it a simulator. But it does look gorgeous though. The Alpine stage in GT HD on my PS3 looks so damn fine!

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