Opera Find on Page, nearly Find As You Type from Firefox

When I moved to Opera full-time as my browser of choice the feature I missed the most was Firefox’s Find As You Type. This allowed you to find text on the current page simply by typing it in and without having to call up a clunky Find box. While it was rather hit and miss, it is a great feature.

Opera has a slash

While Opera doesn’t have Find As You Type it does have a handy find shortcut that works in very nearly the same way. Simply press forward slash (/) and type in the text you are looking for. You can press F3 in the normal way to jump to the next instance and all the instances are highlighted for you. Yay!

13 thoughts on “Opera Find on Page, nearly Find As You Type from Firefox

  1. Hi, the integrated search still does not work. At one time there was a “find in page” button in Opera which would find as you type. For some reason I have not found an answer to, this feature is now gone, yet was the BEST feature I most enjoyed about Opera.

    Does anybody know how to get the find in page while you type feature back without installing an ancient version? Thanks!

  2. Opera has an ability to do ‘find as you type’ similar to Firefox!

    Just type “opera:config” in the address bar, type “integrated” in the quick filter field (the text field after “Show all”), and enable the checkbox of “Use Integrated Search”, then hit “Save”. Make sure that “Find in page” is available in search.ini.*

    Alternative way to quickly reach this setting: paste “opera:config#UserPrefs|UseIntegratedSearch” (without quotation marks) to the address bar and hit ENTER.

    You can proceed to the next found item using ENTER or F3, and move backwards with Shift+F3.

    Opera remembers the last search expression, so if you navigate away from the page, or switch to another tab, pressing F3 executes the last search on the active page, even though the ‘Find in page’ field will not show the search entry.

    *Source of this information:

  3. In Opera, go to TOOLS –> preferences –> tab Search –> select “find in page” and click “Add”.
    There will be a separate box next to google search where you may type any text you are looking for in the website you are viewing.

  4. Hmm… with Opera 9.25 (International) the ‘/’ only search links.
    But ‘.’ will search in text. (‘,’ also search in links)

    Well at least here anyway.

    But thanks, I found the ‘.’ option after reading this :)

  5. This feature alone, keeps me in Firefox, even knowing that I can press slash ‘/’ like old UNIX programs, I love skipping that step and just start typing. I will see if I can get used to that in Opera, but why doesn’t somebody just made it a toggleable option?

  6. OMG! Thank you. I too recently decided to give Opera a try and I’m really liking it overall, but almost switched back to Firefox just for the find functionality. This, though, wow… it’s even better.

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