Free PaRappa the Rapper stuff from Sony


PSP Fanboy link

PSP Fanboy has posted a freebie from Sony in the shape of a partial PaRappa the Rapper soundtrack available for download. There’s no registration, no FileFront, no ‘wait 45 seconds’, just a straight-forward zip file containing eight music files (though the GameTrailers PaRappa review states that there are only six songs in the game). The music files are 128Kbps mp3s.

I wonder how much we can read into the following snippet (italics mine):

Here’s the tracks we have for you today

Will there be further releases?

While this is clearly an advertising gimmick (here in the UK PaRappa the Rapper was released for Sony PlayStation Portable one week ago), this is a good gimmick. It clearly advertises the product. It isn’t offensive or baffling. It might make you purchase PaRappa for PSP. If you have already purchased PaRappa it means you can listen to some tracks on your iPod or PC. And the above-quoted phraseology means that it may incentivise you to visit the PSP Fanboy blog again under the PaRappa tag to see if there will be more releases.

While Sony are not managing their PlayStation 3 PlayStation Store very well at the moment in comparison to Microsoft Xbox 360’s Live Marketplace (particularly over the recent E3 event period), this release reflects a kind of thinking that bodes well for the future.

Updated 26 July 2007 with GameTrailers reference.

One thought on “Free PaRappa the Rapper stuff from Sony

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