Custom video icons on your PlayStation 3

StarWarsIntroAni from www.dan-dare.orgA completely cool feature I had not noticed on the PlayStation 3 allows you to create icons for the video files on your hard drive. These icons are, brilliantly, created from any fifteen seconds of your video file.

  1. While playing a video find the start of a fifteen second clip you wish to use. You can fast scan and slow scan and pause, don’t forget. If it’s a trailer, it may be handy to bring up the video details by pressing the SELECT button and waiting for the last fifteen seconds.
  2. When you’ve found the right moment press the (triangle) button to bring up video options and look for the Change Icon, er, icon on the top row. It looks like this:
  3. Select it and confirm. The PS3 will whir away for a few seconds and next time you are in the Videos section of the Cross Media Bar (XMB) you will see the little animated icon in the list instead of the generic video file icon.

Here is the  entry in PS3 manual.


8 thoughts on “Custom video icons on your PlayStation 3

  1. I tried creating a movie Icon but with no success. I was able to find the “change Icon” command but when I selected a starting point in the movie to create teh icon I got no response after pushing the selection button. The movie is stored on an external hard drive along with 30 other movies. All play well on my ps3. Any ideas?

  2. hmmmmm Ive pluged my 500 gb western digital hard drive into the ps3 and now i can watch films in full high def well ish bloody good quality but it wont do the icons.

    Any ideas or sugestions?

  3. Thank you very much, thank you very much, that’s the easiest thing that anyones ever said to me. Thank you very much, thank you very very much, I never thought I could set icons on PS3. Thank you very very very much. Thank you very very much!

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