Free Bioshock orchestral score

Download the orchestra score

Free stuff is great. It makes for a great ad for a game but this is another of those items which seems rather difficult to find unless you know where to look or discover it on a helpful blog. Not quite sure why a web site administrator would make sure that a download never appears in any download section on any of their sites but it seems pretty common.

Game (and movie) sites are typically shockingly awful pieces of over designed rubbish, usually cursed with teeny tiny fonts and interminable Flash animation. While Bioshock the game has been given outstanding reviews and the atmospheric demo concurs with that, the Bioshock web presence is as terrible as any game site ever and is not worth wasting your time visiting.

So, where is the soundtrack hidden?

You won’t find it on the official Bioshock site.

You won’t find it on 2K Games Bioshock media page.

Go back to the landing page for official Bioshock site. One of the links further down the page that you never read allows you to enter the Cult of Rapture site. The soundtrack is in there but, just to be helpful, you won’t find it in the Downloads section!

It’s posted on the Home page on August 24, 2007 under the heading “Introducing the Bioshock Orchestral Score”. The download link allows you to download the zip linked above containing the score without registration or any of that malarkey.

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