Windows Live Writer goes to Beta 3

I have been very happily using Windows Live Writer Beta up until Sunday gone when publishing now returned me a nasty error message that gave the impression that something horrible had gone wrong when, in fact, the blog had been successfully updated.

The error message was this:

The response to the metaWeblog.newPost method received from the weblog server was invalid: Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server.

Well, I am happy to report that Windows Live Writer was bumped up to Beta 3 today and that particular error has gone. Yay!

Another bug that has now gone is the blank menus. The menu bar (File Edit etc.) always worked fine but all other menus including the toolbar menus (Publish New etc) and the context menus were full of emptiness until you used the menu bar menu at least once.

It also seems to load and load posts quicker but the category list is definitely slower.

Unfortunately, the installer is a bit nasty as you kick off the installation by clicking a button marked “Add to Installation.” Not exactly intuitive, or even obvious. Even less intuitive is that the installer then hung on me when I added Photo Gallery to the installation. A swift Cancel, then an uninstall of Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Installer from Add or Remove Programs and it all went okay next time around.

Also unfortunately, Windows Live Writer’s inability to download any WordPress theme after it has been installed and a theme downloaded once remains. I might try uninstalling, then cleaning out the Application Data and Local Settings folder of anything Writer related and see if that helps. If I can be bothered. Happily, the normal view is nice and easy to use.

Slimm Says

Overall, however, my experience with Windows Live Writer has been very positive. It does what it promises and it does it well. This is in stark contrast to every other offline blog writer I downloaded and trialed. It is also nice and small and attractively and functionally presented. I highly recommend it and I have successfully used it to write this blog for many months now.

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