Need for Speed: ProStreet Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3

Erk. No contest. Electronic Art’s incompetence with regard to PS3 coding seemingly knows no bounds. In a time where the Gran Turismo 5 Prologue demo, Ratchet and Clank Future and Call of Duty 4 full game prove that poor PS3 efforts are simply production shortcomings, EA demonstrate their desperate lunge for the bottom line once more. The game must be out for Christmas, stuff the quality for PS3 owners.

This is a shame as the game content appears to be highly agreeable for racing fans and appears to be identical across 360 and PS3.

Judging by the demos, the most obvious thing is that the Xbox 360 version runs nice and smoothly whereas the PlayStation 3 one doesn’t. It’s still playable but that’s hardly a compliment is it?

However, looking an HD side-by-side video (taken by GameTrailers), the full horror of the situation is revealed. When directly compared to the 360 version the PS3 version looks almost like an up-scaled PS2 game and still runs less smoothly.

EA are clearly in some financial trouble at this time but if they keep undermining PS3 consumer confidence in their products they will be harming themselves for the remainder of this console generation.

Slimm Says

If you have the choice, the 360 version is the only option. EA continue to provide 360 fanboys with ammunition. Fortunately, PS3 is fighting back with the likes of the games mentioned above. This generation’s console battle is not over yet, not by a long chalk.

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