PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility update: v2.01

Seeing as Sony’s 40Gb PlayStation 3 dumped backwards compatibility like a diseased potato, I presumed that the firmware updates would no longer herald greater BC. However, I went through my non-compatible PS2 library and found that one had changed status and was now playable. Good news!


My full BC list.

Backwards Compatibility Update

PlayStation 3 logo

Should play on PLAYSTATION®3 with some minor issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
updated Headhunter: Redemption
Very minor frame rate problems in movies and in gameplay but nothing that adversely affects the game.
SLES 51682 2.01

7 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 backwards compatibility update: v2.01

  1. Misterslimm, You have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about. The original 60, 80 and 20gig PS3s are all backwards compatible. The 60 and 20 have software emulation that is more compatible with more titles than the hardware emulation based 80gig models. The 80gig PS3 bundle ONLY comes with MGS4, not all MGS. Seriously, do some research.

    1. @James. The MGS bundle information was correct when I wrote it. Konami later withdrew that item and replaced it with a PS3 bundled only with the Limited Edition of MGS4. For European consumers, they also withdrew that. I don’t think Konami like us very much.

    2. @James. The original 80 and 20 GB PS3’s did not come out in Europe. This is a European PS3 backwards compatability list. It does not apply to the US models. We only had a 60 GB PS3. It was replaced by subsequent non-BC models. The US 80 and 20 GB models both had a near-complete PS2 chipset inside them and are nearly 100% compatible with all PS2 games. The 60GB Euro version has a single PS2 chip inside it that processes security keys and decryption while the remainder of the chipset (graphic, sound, etc) is emulated via software. Sorry for any confusion.

  2. Only the 60Gb PS3 is backwards compatible. There is a Metal Gear Solid PS3 bundle coming out later this year which should also be backwards compatible as it comes with the first three MGS games as well as Solid Snake’s PS3 outing.

  3. My question is simple. How do I know which version of the PS3 to purchase? I am looking for a used one and had asumed that they all were “bc” so to find out they were not all that way was a disapointment. I don’t have an expendable amount to reinvest in a PS3, but love the blueray feature for movies. I love the games me andmy kids have and I would hate to have the new system that plays none of the PS2 games. I have no PS1 games. I just want a system that plays PS2 and PS3 game, and movies. And last question, if I find a PS3 with 20g, what are the pluses to getting the 120g hard drive add-on?


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