Ico (2002, Game, PS2 on PS3) – 10/10 review

Game Designer: Fumito Ueda
Director: Fumito Ueda
Kazuhiro Shindou: Ico

Ico (2002)

Ico’s fate had been sealed since his birth, since that fateful day when he emerged with horn’s protruding from his tiny head. Now twelve-years-old, his family offer no resistance and weep none when the mysterious horsemen come and take him away to be imprisoned in an ancient fortress. The horsemen seal him inside a stone casket and Ico is sentenced to spend eternity in silent tormentā€¦


Without question, one of the most remarkable videogames ever made. Expressively animated and atmospherically presented, this gentle puzzle action game is full of gameplay goodness that would become touchstones in modern gaming (God of War is highly reminiscent of this). It also supplies one of the single most brilliant moments in videogame history when you take the hand of your companion Yorda and realise that you will be protecting this delicate, ethereal girl and tackling this adventure together literally hand-in-hand. Genius.

This game contains fantasy violence, mild gory and unpleasant scenes.

Classified OK 3+ by ELSPA. Content OK 3+.

Available on PlayStation 2.

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