Colin McRae: DiRT (2007, Off-Road Racing, PlayStation 3) – 9/10 game review

Cast / crew

Colin McRae: Dirt (2007)


Colin McRae Dirt is the best in the series since the brilliant Colin McRae Rally 2.0 despite slightly odd handling and, surprisingly, establishes itself as the best next-gen racing game by some way. Outstanding graphics (especially on the smooth-running PlayStation 3 version), excellent sound, reference-quality presentation, lovely and accessible replays and lots to see and do are all the icing on the cake of the fun and excitement of the core driving sensation.

Classified 12+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for persons who have reached the age of 12 or over.
Classified Bad Language by PEGI. Game contains bad language.

Available on PS3.

Numata rally stage, Japan: “Wiggles into right three.” Best. Pace note. Ever.

Tip: Remember to turn 4-wheel drive on in the Lancia Delta S4 to make it more controllable. By default it is set to rear-wheel drive! The Toyota Celica is set to 57/43 and I loved driving that but the same settings for the Lancia are horrible. I settled on a 43/57 differential. That said, nothing made this car nice to drive. I was never quite in control and Lancia appear to have forgot to install brakes but it goes like stink! I hate this car.


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