PlayStation 3 v2.10 backwards compatibility update

My complete BC list.

Sony have updated their backwards compatibility capability with the 2.10 firmware release and a number of games that were previously non-compatible have demonstrated progress. Some, notably the Jak and Daxter games I owned, have jumped right to playable or no problems status whereas the others will now load but not get into the game. Good to see some forward momentum on this issue.

As they are clearly continuing to work on BC, I wonder if they’ll ape Microsoft and offer PS2 games for download at some point. I would like to see a PSP emulator released by them, how cool would that be if the PS3 could play games from all Sony’s game consoles?


It turns out that a PlayStation 2 title I had placed in noticeable issues was, in fact, performing exactly the same as on PlayStation 3 as it did on PS2. It appears to be that the PAL version of the game is, simply, kinda ugly with giant pixels everywhere. So I’ve moved Herdy Gerdy and the newly acquired (and thoroughly brilliant) Ico into the No known issues table.



  • new The game is new to this list because I have purchased or borrowed it or it has been added to the Xbox 360 BC list.
  • updated The game was already on my list but its status has changed.


Backwards Compatibility Lists 

Xbox 360 logo

Xbox 360

No known issues

Title Widescreen Tested
new Burnout 2: Point of Impact widescreen Dec 2007
new Constantine   Dec 2007


Plays on Xbox 360 with some minor issues

Title Widescreen Tested
new Van Helsing
Some audio stuttering in opening movie. Flickering black bar on main menu but it doesn’t obscure anything important. Game plays fine and looks really nice.
  Dec 2007


Plays on Xbox 360 with some noticeable issues

Title Widescreen Tested


Not Compatible

Title Widescreen Tested
new Hunter: The Reckoning PAL unknown Dec 2007


PlayStation 3 logo

PlayStation 3 (PS3)

Note: this is a list of games tested by me and is not entirely in tune with the official list which tends to be more cautious and somewhat behind the latest software version.

No known issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
updated Herdy Gerdy
Ugly PAL version but looks the same on PS3 as on PS2.
SLES 50751   2.0
new Ico SCES 50760   2.10
updated Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Cut-scenes and gameplay runs smoothly in 60Hz, gameplay looks significantly better but runs slightly less smoothly in 50Hz.
SCES 50361 widescreen 2.10
updated WRC: Rally Evolved SCES 53247 widescreen 2.10


Should play on PLAYSTATION®3 with some minor issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
updated Jak X
Game took about a billion years to create a new profile, so long that I started pushing every button on the controller. Whether that made a difference or not I don’t know. Once over that hump the game played and saved fine.
SCES 53286 widescreen:PS 2.10
updated WRC II Extreme
Small amount of left and right of screen cut off on widescreen displays. Saved replays don’t seem to work properly (like the Gran Turismo games) but immediate post-stage replays do. Game plays fine, runs smooth and looks and sounds great. Game remains super rock hard.
SCES 50934 widescreen 2.10


Should play on PLAYSTATION®3 with noticeable issues

Title Product Code Widescreen System
updated CART Fury Championship Racing
All movies squished into top half of display, brilliantly. Game plays fine.
SLES 50267   2.10
updated Orphen: Scion of Sorcery
Movies are busted with audio and video breakup and then they quickly skip to the end. You see none of them. Speech during in-engine cut-scenes repeats like all the characters have really bad stutters and sometimes skips. Graphics look outstanding and game can be played.
SLES 50062   2.10
updated Turok: Evolution
Flickering and pausing graphics (game looks like it has crashed but has not, wait a while and it continues) consistently during in-engine cut-scenes, pause menu and inter-level saving and occasionally during gameplay. Largely the game plays smoothly.
SLES 50479   2.10


Not Compatible

Title Product Code Widescreen System
updated Gumball 3000
Sometimes no sound and crashes when selecting car.
SLES 50984   2.10
updated Rally Fusion: Race of Champions
Game menu loads but crashes when loading a race.
SLES 50997   2.10
updated Summoner 2
Overture cut-scene plays then game crashes with first in-engine cut-scene “Entering the Tempest.”
SLES 51441   2.10
updated TD: Overdrive (Test Drive: Overdrive: The Brotherhood of Speed)
Intro movies and Pong loading game now work but game itself never actually loads.
SLES 50778   2.10

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