Turok – Xbox 360 versus PlayStation 3 comparison

This is one where you’d only see the difference if you played one right after the other but you’d always be dissatisfied with the audio on one. This is a comparison of the two Turok demos recently released on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. Which comes out best?

The first thing that strikes you about this demo is that it is much better than the preview and developer walk-through videos made it appear. It plays very nicely and feels like significant thought and polish have gone into the product. There was never a moment in the demo where I thought the game cheated me and frequently appreciated the little touches that guide you through. (For example, if you walk in the wrong direction for a few seconds, a normally-absent objective marker discreetly appears on the screen.)

In content and gameplay, the two demos are identical.

In graphics, well, the 360 comes out on top though it doesn’t get off to a good start. The logos on the 360 version look worse than the logos on the PlayStation 3. Unfortunately for the PS3, that’s the only time it triumphs.

Once into the game, the 360 is helped by it’s naturally brighter HDMI image and that makes navigating the dark and dingy caves a breeze. In fact, on 360, they’re not really dark at all. On the PS3 on the same TV and HDMI connection, you can hardly see where you are going and are navigating by the lights of fallen soldiers and previous cave visitors which is much more atmospheric. Once outside the caves you can get a better handle on the quality of the graphics and I felt that the 360 version was definitely more detailed. For instance, I looked at the grass as you come out of the cave and the 360 looked better. Same with cave walls, dinosaur skin and the various dudes.

A PS3 owner won’t feel that the graphics are bad, though. Both versions run nice and smoothly with no stuttering or frame-rate problems of any kind.

An area where the PS3 owner will feel distinctly underwhelmed is the audio. The guns and dinosaurs have absolutely no oomph on the PS3. My first thought was that perhaps the demo was only in stereo or ProLogic II but there were sound effects coming from all the surround speakers. It’s so poor that you can’t really hear if your shotgun has fired or not! The same sound effects on 360 made clear use of the subwoofer and, though the audio for the guns is still only average, they have much more punch and are nice and distinct.

Slimm Says

While both demos are better than expected, the Xbox 360 version clearly comes out on top.

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