Devil May Cry (2001, PS2) – 9/10

Devil May Cry (2001)

Devil Hunter Dante, half-human half-demon son of the legendary Sparda who rebelled against his underworld brethren to prevent them from taking over the earth, is called into action when underworld emporer Mundus decides to have another crack at human domination.


Classic, cool, fun (on Easy Auto mode at least) and important action videogame that became the template of subsequent third-person hack ‘n’ slash. What’s surprising is that, aside from the combat, Devil May Cry never quite makes the most of it’s innovations and design and it would take God of War and God of War II (which are carbon copies of this) to really show what should have been consistently accomplished here. Despite really spectacular graphics, sound, production design and combat Devil May Cry nearly lets greatness slip through it’s fingers but an absolutely storming climax (that spans the last four missions) dragged the rating from seven all the way up to nine.

This videogame contains extended extreme fantasy violence, gory and unpleasant scenes, extremely unpleasant scenes.

Available on PS2 (PS3 compatible).

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