Ace Combat: Distant Thunder aka Shattered Skies (2001, PS2, PS3) – 9/10

Ace Combat: Distant Thunder (2001)

Er, 2005: the ISAF are war with the Erusians but the Erusians have a massively overpowered anti-asteroid gun called Stonehenge which they are using to shoot down enemy aircraft and maintain arial superiority. With the odds stacked against them, the ISAF need to regroup and take domination of the skies. The ISAF need a hero. Using every aircraft and weapon at your disposal, you take on the challenge. Your callsign: Moebius One.


Accessible and truly thrilling aerial combat game with lovely graphics (especially on PS3), atmospheric sound, superlative music and stylish presentation. The wonderful action is punctuated with melancholy thoughts from a young boy with the Resistance who lives in the town around the opposing forces airbase. As a bonus, the final mission, with it’s Star Wars battle trench overtones, is utterly brilliant and, like the whole game, makes you feel like an absolute mega-hero.

This videogame contains mild swear words and aerial combat violence.

Classified OK 11+ by ELSPA. Content OK 11+.

Available on PS2 (PS3 compatible, no problems).

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