Saab 9-3: Lazy Saab and Sweden Saab Forza Motorsport 2 custom paint job

I bought the Saab for a specific championship and not wanting to drive around in a plain old car, I decided to quickly slap the manufacturer’s decal all over it. I came up with the following design:

However, I enjoyed driving the car so much that I decided to spend some time on a more thoughtful and complex design.

The colour scheme is, perhaps obviously (but I’ll say it anyway), inspired by the Swedish national flag.

The one thing I did want was large Saab text across the rear quarter of the car. To accomplish this I had to reproduce the Saab text by hand. I applied the Saab manufacturer decal to the roof of the car and made it as large as I could while still being able to see all the Saab text. I then placed black letters and vinyl shapes until I had covered all the Saab text. This gave me a completely accurate Saab text which could be coloured and placed independently of the Saab shield. I placed the big Saab down in a shadow colour, then again in white and offset it slightly.

The sponsor logos were from the upgrade parts I had applied to the car at this point.

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