Lewis 2.03 Life Born of Fire (2008, TV) – 5/10

Lewis 2.03 Life Born of Fire (2008)

A homosexual Oxford student shoots himself in the head in front of a priest. The priest is later found dead by a hot poker through the eye with the message “life born of fire” painted on a door. The deaths must be related but then it transpires that Hathaway knew the student.


Rather too difficult to take seriously, this episode is the second weak Lewis in a row. Lewis’s total lack of character means that there is little entertainment value when the central mystery doesn’t grip or even make much sense. (Why leave messages with “life born of fire”?) It all builds to an impressively stupid climax where bashing your head negates the effects of sedatives, Oxford houses explode repeatedly and people can walk casually into a raging inferno.

This Lewis episode contains mild swear word and inferred very unpleasant scene, strong violence and sensuality.

6 thoughts on “Lewis 2.03 Life Born of Fire (2008, TV) – 5/10

  1. What was the Zoë Kenneth’s other name?
    (Sorry for the spelling mistakes, I don’t speak quite English)

  2. @Mazz

    Yes, it does feature a bit of a march of some description but it’s led by the campest most professionally gayest character in the history of British television so prepare to roll your eyes and shake your head disconsolately.

  3. Hi there, could you please let me know if this is the episode that features something about a Gay Pride march in Oxford?
    I missed the episode and trying to find out how to see it. Thanks.

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