ITV Hates Formula One

What would you say is one of the more important aspects of television coverage of a Formula One, or indeed, any, race? The result?

Well, if you are a Fernando Alonso fan, a Sébastien Bourdais fan, a Force India fan, or follow any of the non-Ferrari and BMW F1 field, you’re out of luck. ITV decided to only show the first four cars crossing the finish line at today’s Bahrain Grand Prix (Felipé Massa followed by Raikkonen, Kubica and Heidfeld), cut to an advertising break and never even displayed the finishing positions of the remainder of the field either from the FOA feed or using their own graphics.

You can see the finishing results at the official Formula One website. Alonso was 10th, Bourdais was 15th, Force India finished 12th with Giancarlo Fisichella and 20th and last with Adrian Sutil.

Slimm Says

Clearly the head of sporting coverage at ITV just hates motorsport as even when they do show it, they try and dump it on ITV4 to die (it doesn’t appear to be promoted on any of the other three ITV channels, at least during shows and films I watch). If ITV could show I’m a Celebrity twenty-four hours a day, every day, they would.

3 thoughts on “ITV Hates Formula One

  1. Thanks to Chris for pointing out the GP2 Bahrain race was in the GP2 Asia championship. GP2 started at Bahrain last year and when Brundle mentioned it in his commentary I figured, well, presumed, that it was the same this year. I shall amend the post.

  2. Good point on the ‘cars crossing the line’ part but just to let you know ITV have secured the live coverage of GP2 for the first time this year from British Eurosport – so well done to them I say. And the season starts in Spain in three weeks time – that’s why it wasn’t covered – there was no Bahrain race in the European series (Bahrain is raced at as part of the GP2 Asia series).

  3. At a race like that, which was to say the least, dull – even I switched off as Massa crosed the line. And I’m someone who usually watches till the end. ITV did the right thing.

    There was nothing any of the top 3 could’ve said to interest me, Hamilton wouldn’t have said anything we didn’t know already and I doubt they’d get Alonso to talk to them so I cared about as much as ITV apparently did – understandable really.

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