Simulador Turismo Carretera (2007, Game) – 7/10

Simulador Turismo Carretera (2007)

The 2006 ACTC (Asociación Corredores Turismo Carretera) season has 60 cars, with real drivers, 12 circuits not seen in any other licensed game modelled using GPS technology, hyper realistic physics, championship rules, and full race weekends.


Based on the ISI rFactor engine this has all the strengths and weaknesses inherited from that but adds the wonderful bonus of racing on national Argentinian tracks you’ve never raced in any other game. The weaknesses of rFactor are horrendous inaccessibility, awful environmental graphics and, unless you’re very awake with your gamepad, an almost cruel insistence on steering wheels. The strengths are beautiful, detailed car models, natural, aware AI and, most importantly, incredibly convincing and responsive physics accurately and consistently conveyed to the player. The strengths certainly outweigh the weaknesses if you are willing to put the practice in and, with that caveat, this is highly worthwhile.


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