Burnout: Paradise (2008, PS3, 360, PC) – 9/10 open-world racing game review

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Cast / crew
General Manager EA Criterion Studio: Fiona Sperry
Creative Director: Alex Ward
Executive Producer: Pete Hawley
Lead Designer: Craig Sullivan
Senior Development Director: Jon Lawrence

Burnout Paradise (2008)


Though eight was the rating I wanted to give it because of handling foibles (your direction during low speed traction and jump landings are predictably unpredictable), that felt a little harsh. A game complete time of over 61 hours indicates the mammoth amount to do in Paradise City offline and online (integrated brilliantly)  and the game has a feeling of tremendous polish and excellence. It is always completely thrilling and, when not being occasionally frustrating due to your own lack of amazingness, almost always a lot of fun. The fact that I played it to completion on PS3 and 360, then rebought it for PC, probably tells it’s own story. Yes, I’m an idiot.


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