Doctor Who 30.02 The Fires of Pompeii (2008, TV) – 7/10

Doctor Who 30.02 Fires of Pompeii, The (2008)

Donna and the Doctor arrive in Rome for a bit of sightseeing but, as we know, the Doctor will never make a good travel agent and the presence of a large mountain tips them off that they may be in the wrong place. And, as it turns out, at the wrong time. This is Pompeii, the day before it is wiped from history by Mount Vesuvius.


Though the sudden changes in tone (from jovial fun to serious shoutiness) of the performances of David Tennant and Catherine Tate are jarring and the weighty decision taken in the escape pod is not allowed the time to actually feel weighty, this is an exciting, entertaining and imaginative episode. And fighting off fifty-foot-tall magma monsters with a water pistol is always worth a giggle.

This Doctor Who episode contains unpleasant scenes.

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