Free Stuff: Trackmania Nations Forever – the world’s best multiplayer racing game

Free stuff is great. Great free stuff is even better.

A couple of years ago Nadeo released an Nvidia / Electronic Sports World Cup-sponsored version of it’s TrackMania series called TrackMania Nations EWSC Edition. What was surprising was that it featured an entirely new and brilliant environment and a super new car and was also completely fully featured with all the gameplay of its retail daddy Trackmania Sunrise. I spent an awful lot of time on Nations and really enjoyed designing tracks for it and playing online.

My best track is SuperModel which is just one block wide, awesome in multiplayer, requires a little thought to conquer and master, but because I neglected to take a screenshot, it didn’t get downloaded too much. Stupid lazy me.

So it is with genuine delight that I greet Nadeo’s Trackmania Nations Forever. This is a fully featured game again, this time spawned from TrackMania United (which also receives a free 900Mb update!). It features an upgraded version of the Nations environment (a really smart stadium), lots of new tracks and brings along the online enhancements delivered in United. Yay!

You can get TrackMania Nations Forever direct from Nadeo or, better, from Steam. Why better from Steam? The TrackMania Nations Forever page on Nadeo sucks up 100% CPU on my Opera browser and batters a huge chunk of CPU on Internet Explorer. It’s really really bad. So use Steam.

It should also be noted that are currently selling TrackMania United itself for a measly £4.99.


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