Cars (2006) – 7/10 Disney Pixar CG animated sports movie review

Cast / crew
Director: John Lasseter
Co-Director: Joe Ranft
Producer: Darla K. Anderson
Writer (Original Story): John Lasseter
Writer (Original Story): Joe Ranft
Writer (Original Story): Jorgen Klubien
Writer (Screenplay): Dan Fogelman
Writer (Screenplay): John Lasseter
Writer (Screenplay): Joe Ranft
Writer (Screenplay): Kiel Murray
Writer (Screenplay): Phil Lorin
Writer (Screenplay): Jorgen Klubien
Supervising Animator: Scott Clark
Supervising Animator: Doug Sweetland
Owen Wilson: Lightning McQueen
Paul Newman: Doc Hudson
Bonnie Hunt: Sally Carrera
Larry The Cable Guy: Mater
Dedicated to 1960-2005: Joe Ranft

Cars (2006)

Lightning McQueen is the arrogant, cocky, fresh-faced superstar rookie of the Piston Cup stock car racing series. After a remarkable season, three drivers tie for the championship and an extra race is scheduled to decide to the champion. On the way to the final race, McQueen finds himself stranded on Route 66 and on the wrong side of the law in tiny one-street town Radiator Springs. Sentenced to several days community service in repairing the main road (which he destroyed) means that he may never make the race…


While it lays the life message on with a trowel and has a clumsy mid-section, this visually stunning and environmentally imaginative movie never loses the magic that is required of all quality animated movies. Outstanding and convincing racing sequences (including the best photo finish of all time) bookend the movie and reverse the mid-section feeling that the movie is disappearing up it’s own tailpipe. Overall, this is another good ‘un from Pixar.


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