Doctor Who 30.04,05 The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky (2008, TV) – 8/10

Doctor Who 30.04,05 Sontaran Stratagem, The / The Poison Sky (2008)

The Doctor is called to Earth by Martha Jones who is heading up a UNIT, er, unit targeting the makers of the ATMOS carbon neutralizing car accessory. With a full sat-nav system and a £20 voucher for introducing friends along with making any car have zero harmful emissions, the ATMOS has been a worldwide success for it’s creator, teen genius Luke Rattigan but the mysterious near-simultaneous deaths of a number of people in ATMOS-equipped cars has alerted Martha to the possibility of an unknown hand behind the scenes.


“I’ll have a salute.” Donna’s best scene and episode so far. Sontaran’s: “An Intruder!” Doctor: “How’d he get in? Intruder window?” Doctor’s best joke, not heard for a long time. Writer Helen Raynor has delivered a great episode and both the Doctor and Donna are pitch-perfect throughout. Director Douglas MacKinnon uses the double-episode length to good effect and allows time for the emotional content to resonate (though a Martha and Martha scene doesn’t work) and the Sontarans are terrifically fun aliens in character and design. There’s also some genuine excitement, a really great explosion (the Atmos in the Doctor’s jeep), another flash of Rose and a naked Martha Agyeman drenched in goo.

This Doctor Who episode contains unpleasant scenes, gun violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.

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