Speed Racer (2008, Movie) – 6/10

Cast / crew
Writer: Andy Wachowski
Writer: Larry Wachowski
Director: Andy Wachowski
Director: Larry Wachowski
Producer: Joel Silver
Producer: Grant Hill
Producer: Andy Wachowski
Producer: Larry Wachowski
Emile Hirsch: Speed Racer
Christina Ricci: Trixie
John Goodman: Pops
Susan Sarandon: Mom
Matthew Fox: Racer X
Roger Allam: Royalton
Paulie Litt: Spritle
Benno Fürmann: Inspector Detector
Hiroyuki Sanada: Mr. Musha
Rain: Taejo Togokahn
Richard Roundtree: Ben Burns
Kick Gurry: Sparky
Original Animated Series Creator Speed Racer: Tatsuo Yoshida

Speed Racer (2008)

Speed Racer has known only racing his whole life, first in the shadow of his ruthless racing brother, Rex, who was killed in a rally accident and, secondly, as a star racer himself with a shot at the big-time and the season finalé Grand Prix. He is offered lucrative sponsorship but every silver lining has a cloud.


Speed Racer is little man versus big business against-all-odds racing cliché presented with eye-popping vividness and colour. While the family dynamics are well done, the racing sequences are near-broken with only Michael Giacchino’s exciting score coming to the visceral rescue (though it only works in the movie). In any action sequence you need to be able to discern instantly who is doing what to whom and whether it is good or bad. None of this can be discerned during the racing sequences and so it’s left to a couple of brief but well-done martial arts sequences to hold the action end up.

This movie contains bad language and extremely unpleasant peril, violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.

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