Doctor Who 30.07 The Unicorn and The Wasp (2008, TV) – 7/10

Doctor Who 30.07 Unicorn and The Wasp, The (2008)

1920s: A professor is found dead in the library, killed with a lead pipe. Not only that, but Agatha Christie is one of the guests in attendance. Using her famed imagination and knowledge of humanity, the Doctor and Donna lead an investigation into the death. While a famed jewel thief, the Unicorn, is in the picture as a suspect, the real culprit will take everyone by surprizzze.


While the references to Christie novel titles are generally clumsy and a lack of transformation effects is deeply felt, this is an absolute hoot (who-t?) with David Tennant and Catherine Tate both brilliant and supported superbly for a change. Special mention for a charades detox for the Doctor and the wasp itself looks really good.

This Doctor Who episode contains veiled references to homosexuality and unpleasant scenes.

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