Shrek the Third (2007, Movie) – 1/10

Shrek the Third (2007)

Shrek inherits the kingship of Far Far Away but doesn’t want it or the children that Fiona is expecting. With his dying breath, King Harold tells Shrek of another possible heir, Arthur, and so Shrek embarks on a journey to bring a new king to Far Far Away.


Despite a horrifically unfunny advertising campaign and, as it turns out, a criminally unfunny film, such was the quality of the first two films and the power of the franchise that Shrek the Third stomped to a $800 million box office bonanza. However, this is an unpolished, first-draft, lacklustre, auto-pilot sequel of the lowest order. The makers didn’t even bother with continuity regarding Donkey and Puss’s tails in the final sequence. I laughed at one joke: “You’ve got your father’s eye.” That’ll be worth one star, then.

This movie contains sexual swear word obscured by foghorn, mild adult dialogue, sexual innuendo, references to substance abuse and violence and male ogre nudity.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.


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