Smallville 7.02 Kara (2007, TV) – 5/10

Smallville 7.02 Kara (2007)

Clark and Lois discover a Kryptonian spaceship whose occupant – some blonde superbabe – takes umbrage to Lois photographing it (“that’s what happens when you touch my stuff”). Lex surprisingly gets out of jail when a disgruntled employee confesses to Lana’s murder (fortunately, no-one seems to have noticed his brutally killed former lawyer or, for that matter, that it was Clark that ripped his guts out) and he makes his first task finding Lana.


Though it’s explained very satisfactorily, there is some fun to be had from the blonde stereotype of Clark cousin Kara going around Smallville looking for a baby boy named Cal’El. She’s also not to clever with elevator doors. That said, nobody mentions that they’ve already met Kara (in the episode Covenant) but that might be because she doesn’t look anything like she did before (she was played by Adrianne Palicki ). Elsewhere, the episode is running around like a headless chicken and it’s difficult to overlook the cracks. An emotional scene between Lex and Lana doesn’t work and they did in season six. At least there’s no horrific violence this week.

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