Smallville 7.03 Fierce (2007, TV) – 6/10

Smallville 7.03 Fierce (2007)

Kara decides to fit in by entering the Miss Sweet Corn pageant. Lana returns to visit Clark. Lex makes efforts toward redemption while trying to find Kara.


There’s enough interesting and good in this episode but Laura Vandervoort’s Kara is scripted and performed unconvincingly. However, when Kara stops behaving in a plot-led manner, Laura Vandervoort might prove quite worthwhile. Lana returns to Smallville but the script-writers insist on making her always say important meaningful things which, as she is supposed to be eighteen, make her sound like she is playing at being an adult. The writers have had this problem of not knowing what to do with Lana’s character and it led to some truly atrocious story decisions. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen again. No idea why it’s called Fierce.

This Smallville episode contains unpleasant scenes, extreme fantasy violence.

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