Slimm GBPVR 1.7.3071.20981 released


To install:

For all details regarding current version, please see documentation which is installed alongside the utility and is available in the GBPVR start menu group.

This release:


  • Configuration form hides option to launch GBPVR.exe if the file does not exist.
  • Slimm GBPVR will always launch PVRX2 if GBPVR.exe does not exist.
  • Added ProcessPriorityOfGBPVR to Registry settings.
  • Tray Configuration Startup understands new and old shortcut for GB-PVR Tray.

Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a recording that still exists on the menu but doesn’t exist on the disk no longer results in a Directory Not Found exception.
  • Turn Off and Restart operations now cancelled if GB-PVR is recording.


You can post support queries on the Slimm GB-PVR forum hosted at


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