Smallville 7.04 Cure (2007, TV) – 8/10

Smallville 7.04 Cure (2007)

John Jones pays a visit to Clark and reiterates Jor-El’s warning that Kara is dangerous and on Earth to do him harm. Dr. Curtis Knox invents a cure for meteor ‘freaks’ but Lex is increasingly concerned about the doctors sometimes unorthodox methods and three missing newly-cured patients. Chloe learns about the cure and wants it but, because Chloe hasn’t told them about her powers, Clark and Lana presume she’s just in it for the story.


Some stupid video tech and a downbeat ending isn’t enough to stop this being the first good episode of this season. Former Superman Dean Cain makes a terrific villain with an interesting story and a fun modus operandi (he’s cutting out meteor-infected organs from meteor freaks to make his girlfriend immortal). The parallels for Dean Cain’s Dr. Knox and his love and Clark and Lana are well presented. Elsewhere, dark potential is confirmed and/or hinted at for Lana and Kara and, while that is quite interesting for the moment, television writers should remember that lightness can be entertaining as well.

This Smallville episode contains graphic gun violence, extreme fantasy violence.

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