Smallville 7.05 Action (2007, TV) – 6/10

Smallville 7.05 Action (2007)

There’s a big-budget comic book action movie shooting in Smallville but the diva star finds herself in need of a superhero when her car accelerates out of control. Clark saves her but when he intercepts a second assassination attempt he is witnessed by the would-be killer and gets himself a new fan who decides that every superhero needs, er, solitude.


A cool super-deed to open but it doesn’t make sense for the story as Rachel Davenport’s character needed to be killed by a gun at the end of the movie (which Clark also saves her from). The remainder of the Clark thread is interesting but I really wanted a quip when he saves Lana (classic Superman line: “You’ve got me! Who’s got you?”). In the other story thread we get the return of Lionel Luthor (good) but note that there is an extraordinarily horrible scene with him escaping a mini bear-trap (bad) in a miserable, what-is-this-doing-here Misery rip-off which is then followed up by a horrifically violent murder (bad). Erica Durance’s Lois Lane still doesn’t work. Lionel gets a great scene imparting wisdom to Lana and you sense that Lana is determined not to have a happy ending. You know, I miss Martha Kent. Oh, and, yay! Cape! “Every hero needs one.”

This Smallville episode contains extremely unpleasant scenes (like really, really horrible), extreme and gory violence.

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