Metal Gear Solid 2®: Sons of Liberty™ (2001, PS2, PS3) – 9/10

Metal Gear Solid 2®: Sons of Liberty™ (2001)

Solid Snake, on a UN anti-Metal Gear mission, infiltrates a tanker suspected to carrying a new Metal Gear developed by the Marines, an amphibious Metal Gear codenamed Ray. While Snake is just there to photograph it for publication on the internet, a heavily-armed troop of Russian soldiers storm the tanker and Snake finds himself up to his ears in sneaking, action and Metal Gear once more.


Even with all the, shall we say, difficult-to-master controls and worst-moment-possible camera changes, this is still, undoubtedly, a very great game. A marvellously convoluted plot is delivered via maniacal monologues and effortlessly cool cut-scenes with a cast of characters you, critically, invest in immediately. Lots of insane details (for example, your own name on the dog tags in the end cut-scene) and interesting and challenging battles that you master bit by bit, Metal Gear Solid 2 is frustrating like no other game but also delivers story, presentation and gaming rewards like no other.

This videogame contains mild swear words and extremely gory violence, gory and unpleasant scenes.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

Game completed on normal (after some considerable frustration with the Solidus battle).

Play Time: 17:05:43.

Save: 35 times

Continue: 103 times

Alert Mode: 104 times

Persons: 109 killed (I swear I usually used the M9!)

Rations: 120 used

One thought on “Metal Gear Solid 2®: Sons of Liberty™ (2001, PS2, PS3) – 9/10

  1. Your slow and like a noob. I did it in normal mode for 13:12:29 12 save, 62 continues, 37 alert modes, 93 killed, and 87 rations used. Solidus is easier than others. It is so easy even in hard mode in boss battle in the menu.

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