Smallville 7.07 Wrath (2007, TV) – 6/10

Smallville 7.07 Wrath (2007)

Surprisingly unmiffed that a couple of stunt people have just ridden across Kent Farm, Clark and Lana are rather more surprised when a lightning strike and a meteor rock ends up with Lana gaining all of Clark’s powers. While this immediately allows for super-nookie (and the earth does move), Clark knows that the last people who inherited his powers either died or went insane. Lana, however, seems to adjust instantly, as if expecting it, and sets about using her powers, which are beginning to have a short-tempered side-effect, to exact revenge on Lex.


There’s a huge problem with making a major change in an episode: it has to be changed back before the end. With that said, this episode isn’t as bad as it might have been. Especially good is the way Tom Welling shows that Clark listens to everything that’s said to him, no matter who says it and it is him who is keeping Smallville on track. The writers have delivered some strong ideas and he makes the most of them. Special mention for some really cool gloop effects.

This Smallville episode contains mild adult dialogue and extreme violence and sensuality, inferred super-sex scene.

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