Smallville 7.08 Blue (2007, TV) – 6/10

Smallville 7.08 Blue (2007)

Kara returns to Smallville (after a surfing holiday!). Clark hears her crystal (which he had half-inched, then) calling to him in the voice of Lara. Anyways, the crystal tells him to go to the fortress and, when he gets there, the fortress tells him to go away because the crystal was made by Zor-El. Clark ignores Jor-El’s warnings and uses the crystal and is delighted to find his mother materialised before his eyes. The unanticipated side-effect of this is, however, Zor-El is also brought back and that can’t be good as he is wearing all shiny black.


A bit more ambiguity (and perhaps a multi-episode arc) in the Zor-El storyline would have been nice but dressing him in shiny black and silly boots kinda gives the game away. Both Lana and Lex are repositioned slightly in this episode with Lana moved toward good and Lex moved toward bad. Erica Durance is looking tired (probably because she is going through more-or-less the same storyline she did last year). Michael Cassidy’s Grant Gabriel gets an agreeably eye-bulging revelation but the fact that he is languishing in guest star land doesn’t bode well for his long-term future. Jor-El continues to really irritate me and, I feel, continues to be the biggest mis-step Smallville ever made.

This Smallville episode contains extreme violence, extreme fantasy violence.

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