Smallville 7.09 Gemini (2007, TV) – 3/10

Smallville 7.09 Gemini (2007)

Lex secretly gets Lois to write an ‘exposé’ on him, against Grant Gabriel’s wishes, but Lois finds herself the target of a mad bomber (he’s wired Chloe to blow) who wants to genuinely expose Lex. Clark returns from the fortress and has seriously changed his tune about Lex and wants to join up with Lana to put him behind bars.


The cast on the bomb-on-a-Chloe storyline do try their best but it’s in vain; that thread is shocking despite the interesting cloning angle and Jimmy Olsen furiously pondering why Chloe calls Clark in their emergency: “Is he going to dismantle the bomb with his great hair?” Clark and Lana get to follow the gloop, perhaps Milton Fine trying to regenerate, but that story doesn’t work any better. In fact, not a lot works in this episode including a ‘twist’ in the tale which makes no sense.

This Smallville episode contains unpleasant scenes and sensuality.


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