PGR 4: Project Gotham Racing (PGR4) (2007, 360) – 8/10

PGR 4: Project Gotham Racing (2007)

Race cars and bikes against each other and against the clock and against your ability to drive stylishly across ten locations around the world (Las Vegas, London, Macau, Michelin Test Track, New York City, Nürbugring, Quebec, Shanghai, St. Petersburg, Tokyo). Arcade Mode and Gotham Career provide single player challenges and Xbox Live Gold-only modes provide multiplayer gameplay.


Though generally considered a sales victim of the unbelievably high quality 2007 Christmas videogame lineup (though it shifted nearly two million copies), this is one of the best racing games ever released because it genuinely improved every aspect of the already excellent Project Gotham 3 and then added more weather, aquaplaning, motorbikes and an extra single player career mode. While neither motorbikes nor Gotham Career work particularly well (oddly the career mode has no sense of progression or accomplishment and the bikes are too wobbly; when was the last time you saw a high-powered bike wobble down the street or track at speed), I’m glad they’re there. However, it is the slog of Gotham Career that brings the overall score down to a eight.

Classified 3+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for persons who have reached the age of 3 or over.

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