Stranglehold (2007, PS3) – 8/10

Producer: John Woo
Chow Yun-Fat: Tequila
Producer: Terence Chang
Director: Brian Eddy
John Woo:

Stranglehold (2007)

When a lone cop is summoned to a meet, everyone knows it’s a trap but Inspector Tequila goes anyway (with two little friends; one for the left hand, one for the right) not knowing what a terrible personal cost this druglord turf war will exact.


Frequently the thing with movie tie-in’s is that they don’t get the feel of the movie, the swagger, the bravado, the cool. While Stranglehold is really a six or seven star game, the feel is absolutely spot-on with the whole game genuinely feeling like the greatest, coolest, most spectacular, most over-the-top John Woo shootout in history. Which it is, and you are very much the star. By the time you get to the final level and doors simply shatter in your presence, the smile of satisfaction will be from ear-to-ear. Aside from technical issues on PS3 (frame-rate and it has that horrible PS3 Unreal Engine 3 look), the game’s only significant failing is a lack of gameplay breathers meaning you might have stop playing after a fairly short session in order not to become irritated. Special mention for a super touch where you can place your own ammo and health spawns (in guitar cases) anywhere on the Mega Restaurant level.

This game contains mild swear words and extended extreme, graphic and extremely gory gun violence.

Classified 18 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over.

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