Doctor Who 30.11 Turn Left (2008, TV) – 8/10

Doctor Who 30.11 Turn Left (2008)

Donna accepts a free fortune telling but finds herself thinking back to a day that proved critical in her meeting the Doctor. It all hinged on her turning left at a road junction. Under the bizarre urging of the fortune teller and with an unknown presence in the room, Donna somehow makes the decision to turn right and the world as she knows it is no more.


Building from a strong opening scene, this Russell T. Davies Who becomes more and more genuinely dramatic as the episode unfurls and the Earth without the protection of the Doctor submits inexorably to oblivion (he died in the events of the 2006 Christmas special The Christmas Bride). David Tennant only makes a small appearance but Catherine Tate grabs the story with both hands and makes it work big time. Billie Piper is welcomed back (though her speech seems to be slurred at times; I’ve never noticed a particularly strong speech impediment before). There is a big hole that may be explained over the course of the season finalé (how does Billie Piper keep appearing?) and, with this strong lead-in episode, anticipation is at an all-time high.

This Doctor Who episode contains unpleasant scenes.

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