Smallville 7.10 Persona (2007, TV) – 6/10

Smallville 7.10 Persona (2007)

Grant Gabriel confronts Lionel with the truth about his origins. Meanwhile, Metropolis is beginning to pile up with dead homeless dudes and Lana figures it must be Brainiac (presumably because Earth no longer has serial killers). Phantom Clark (he escaped from the Martian) realises that turning to stone when exposed to sunlight may give his true identity away and a slowly regenerating Brainiac / Milton Fine lets him know of a, previously unheard of, Krpytonian living on Earth named Dax-Ur who might be able to help. But help whom and with what?


Though Chloe makes a snide remark about ‘Earth being Krpyton’s top tourist destination’ after yet another Krpytonian is randomly dropped into the story (that’s the third new Krpytonian on Earth in just ten episodes this season), it’s highly unsatisfactory and makes for a weak backbone to the episode. However, the writers do provide some excellent character development for Clark and Lana and make a super-hero / super-villain stand-off genuinely unpredictable and it is this scene (and a follow-up scene to close the episode) that drags the rating from four to six stars. Lex also seems to have taken his final step into irredeemability. I’m also gonna make a list of all the colours of Kryptonite we haven’t had yet so I’m prepared. Magenta Krpytonite that makes Clark constipated. Beige Krpytonite that makes his hair rubbish. Right, I’m ready now.

This Smallville episode contains mild swear words and unpleasant scenes, extreme violence, graphic gun violence and sexuality, mild nudity.

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