Smallville 7.11 Siren (2007, TV) – 5/10

Smallville 7.11 Siren (2007)

Clark and Lana are struggling to redefine their relationship after the revelations brought about by Phantom Clark. Chloe is doing some sidekick work on the side for Oliver Queen but they get intercepted and screamed at sub-sonically by some masked blonde. Upon hearing that Oliver Queen is back in town, Lois decides to go a tear him off a strip for dumping her last year but a shirtless Ollie is hard to resist. (I’m sure Stan Laurel felt the same.)


Bad guy this week is pretty good as she turns out to be a misguided bad guy; guided by Lex, naturally. Erica Durance gets her big emotional scene and, to be fair, she does well. It’s great to see Oliver Queen / Green Arrow back and he does get a funky visual effects face-off with Lex but doesn’t get much hero-stuff to do. Enjoyed Lionel getting a lecture in morals from Lana which keeps trumping his ever-suspicious nature. However, despite plenty of plot, pacily delivered, this feels very much like a ticking-the-boxes episode of Smallville.

This Smallville episode contains violence.

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