Smallville 7.12 Fracture (2007, TV) – 2/10

Smallville 7.12 Fracture (2007)

Lex and Lois has tracked down Kara to Detroit but things don’t go well when they go to pick her up.


A truly atrocious pre-title sequence sees Lex and Lois (!) tracking down Kara using a tracking device Lex has planted in Kara’s necklace (even though he’s never had opportunity) quickly followed by an amnesiac Kara responding to her name even though her captor has been calling her Linda and then calling out Lex’s name even though she shouldn’t be able to remember it. It doesn’t matter that things are explained later; it’s a bad start and that’s that. The explanation, as it turns out, is fine up to the point SPOILER where Lex has memories after the moment he gets SHOT IN THE HEAD END SPOILER. On the positive side, it’s good to see that the writers of Smallville have remembered how lock picks work this week and it was very good to see Clark entreat the good in Lex rather than just shoot him down.

This Smallville episode contains graphic gun violence, extreme violence, gory and unpleasant scenes and sex scene.

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