Smallville 7.13 Hero (2007, TV) – 1/10

Smallville 7.13 Hero (2007)

Clark’s former best friend, Pete Ross, eats some Krpyonite tainted gum (no way he could know, it only glows bright flourescent green) and instantly gains the ability to stretch. After saving Kara, he decides he likes this hero business and goes public with the Daily Planet.


Sam Jones III’s Pete Ross returns with a half-witted pre-title sequence that stretches credulity (hehe). The writers of Smallville clearly hated Pete Ross when he was a regular and they don’t appear to like him anymore now. There is an interesting principle behind this episode (people want to know that heroes exist; something Clark himself would do later as Superman) but it’s just handled so thoughtlessly and routinely that it is a genuine mystery how some of the show’s producers are still employed. I know someone else smarter than me said this but if everybody’s special, nobody’s special and Smallville keeps falling into that trap. Inexplicable behaviour on the part of Clark regarding Kara’s bracelet especially as he had earlier stated in the episode that finding it might bring back her powers and memory.

This Smallville episode contains strong violence.

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