Smallville 7.15 Veritas (2007, TV) – 4/10

Smallville 7.15 Veritas (2007)

Brainiac turns up at the Kent farm and offers Kara a way to restore Krypton and all who perished. Presuming it to be a trick she refuses but realises that both she and Clark are going to need all their powers, including flight, to defeat him. Meanwhile, Lois and Jimmy investigate the murder of Patricia Swann.


My hope that the Jor-El emissary gig for Lionel might fade away were misplaced. While we certainly care less than ever before, Lionel’s protestations of a terrible forthcoming event are worth a comedy raised eyebrow. The big emotional scene to close the episode is somewhat spoiled by Lana having being dumped in a corridor along with a random bench and a giant statue. Seeing as Smallville has had no idea what to do with Lana this season, her being catatonic would be a good move. That said, it would probably also be a good move for the Smallville producers to have the audience be catatonic. At least they won’t be able to switch off in despair. I can literally feel myself getting stupider the more I watch.

This Smallville episode contains extremely unpleasant scenes.

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