Smallville 7.16 Descent (2007, TV) – 3/10

Smallville 7.16 Descent (2007)

Lex takes drastic steps to recover Lionel’s key.


Smallville is like the opposite of Nintendo DS’s Brain Training. This week sees yet more hilariously impossible computer work as Chloe magics photo detail out of nowhere because she has “mad CPU skillz.” That is an actual quote. However, it looks like we might have seen the end of the rubbishness of the Lionel / Jor-El story thread and that is good news. Clark and Lex get a good scene and while it is good that the show has decided on a definite direction for Lex this season (down, if you were wondering), it’s not terribly convincing. Michael Rosenbaum has looked bored all season and the spark and charisma he has brought to Lex is, perhaps appropriately, no longer there.

This Smallville episode contains extremely unpleasant fantasy scene.

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